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Quietside QSCE Series MiniSplits
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QSCE-091, QSCE-121, QSCE-181, QSCE-241


Quietside Model Ace Stock #
QSCE-091  Evaporator 176-209 
QSCC-091  Condenser 176-210
QSCE-121  Evaporator 176-212
QSCC-121  Condenser 176-213
QSCE-181  Evaporator 176-218
QSCC-181  Condenser 176-219
QSCE-241  Evaporator 176-224
QSCC-241  Condenser 176-225

Construction Indoor Unit shall be constructed from Anti Bacterial HIPS, certified to UL94 V0. Closed cell foam shall be used for insulation. The Outdoor unit shall be constructed from galvanized steel with a baked on powder coated finish for durability.

Heat Exchangers The heat exchangers shall be manufactured using diamond cut aluminum fin mechanically bonded to copper tubes. All heat exchanger fins shall be coated with an hydrophilic and corrosion resistant finish.

Refrigerant Control Refrigerant Control shall be by a capillary tube located in the Outdoor unit, refrigerant shall be environmentally friendly R410A Compressors shall be a hermetically sealed rotary type with external Overload protection and suction accumulator.

Condensate Removal from Indoor Unit Shall be accomplished via the standard 18" length Drain hose, can connect to 5/8" ID or 3/4" OD PVC tubing.

Fans The indoor unit fan shall be molded from HIPS, statically and dynamically balanced for quiet operation. Multiple fan speeds shall allow the user to select the required airflow. An auto swing louver can be used to either oscillate or be stopped in a user selected position. The condenser fan shall be a propeller type with a single or dual speed motor.

Controls Control shall be operated via a hand held wireless remote control with a range of 20ft. 

Unit shall be able to operate in the following modes:

  • Auto, where a default set point of 74 DegF (user adjustable by +/- 2 DegF).

  • In Auto mode the Indoor unit shall determine the optimum fan speed.

  • Cool mode shall feature user selected room temperature and fan speed. 

  • Dry mode shall be akin to the cooling mode, except the Indoor fan speed shall be factory preset for optimum de-humidification.

  • Fan mode shall just feature operation of the Indoor fan at a user selected speed.

  • The unit shall feature a real time timer feature allowing a single on or off operation to be programmed for a specific time.

  • A sleep feature shall reduce indoor airflow for quieter nighttime operation.

  • Room temperature shall be sensed by a thermistor mounted on the Indoor unit coil, directly in the return air flow stream.

  • Indoor coil temperature shall be monitored to prevent the indoor coil from freezing up due to lack of airflow or a refrigerant loss.

  • All units shall feature Auto restart in the event of a power failure.

  • Control voltage is line voltage 115V or 208/230V depending upon unit power supply.

 Specifications    QSCE-091    QSCE-121    QSCE-181    QSCE-241  
 Nominal Btu/h    9,000    12,000    18,000    22,000  
 SEER    13    13    13    13  
 Voltage    115V-1Ph-60Hz    115V-1Ph-60Hz    208/230V-1Ph-60Hz    208/230V-1Ph-60Hz  
 Breaker Size (A)    15A    15A    20A    25A  
 RLA (A)    6.7A    8.8A    5.3A    8.6A  
 Indoor Unit    QSCE-091    QSCE-121    QSCE-181    QSCE-241  
 Airflow Hi Speed (CFM)    360    400    610    710  
 Noise Level (Db)    42    45    45    50  
 Width (Inches)    30 7/8"    35 1/4"    42 1/8"    48 7/8"  
 Depth (Inches)    6 7/8"    6 7/8"    8 7/8"    8 7/8"  
 Height (Inches)    11"    11"    12 3/4"    12 3/4"  
 Unit Weight (lbs)    19lbs    22lbs    38lbs    44lbs  
 Outdoor Unit    QSCC-091    QSCC-121    QSCC-181    QSCC-241  
 Noise Level (Db)    55    55    60    62  
 Width (Inches)    31 3/8"    33 1/2"    34 1/4"    35 3/8"  
 Depth (Inches)    8 7/8"    8 7/8"    11 3/8"    13"  
 Height (Inches)    21 3/8"    24"    33 1/2"    33"  
 Unit Weight (lbs)    70lbs    107lbs    137lbs    143lbs  
 Line Sets  
 Ref Pipe Sizes (Inches)    1/4" & 1/2"    1/4" & 1/2"    3/8" & 5/8"    3/8" & 5/8"  
 Maximum Length (ft)    50ft    50ft    50ft    50ft  
 Max Vertical Sep (ft)    20ft    20ft    20ft    20ft  
 Factory Charge for (ft)    25ft    25ft    25ft    25ft  
 Addl. Charge (oz/ft)    0.3oz/ft    0.3oz/ft    0.5oz/ft    0.5oz/ft  

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