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Quietside AQV Mini Splits
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Quietside Model Ace Stock #
AQV09JA   Evaporator 176-009 
AQV09JAX   Condenser 176-010
AQV12JA   Evaporator 176-012
AQV12JAX   Condenser 176-013
AQV18JA   Evaporator 176-018
AQV18JAX   Condenser 176-019
AQV24JA  Evaporator 176-024
AQV24JAX  Condenser 176-025
AQV36JA  Evaporator 176-036
AQV36JAX  Condenser 176-037

Construction Indoor Unit shall be constructed from Anti Bacterial HIPS, certified to UL94 V0. Closed cell foam shall be used to insulate against sweating. The Outdoor unit shall be constructed from galvanized steel with a baked on powder coated finish for durability.

Heat Exchangers The heat exchangers shall be manufactured using diamond cut fins mechanically bonded to copper tubes. A Silver Nano coating shall be provided to remove bacteria from the room air.

Refrigerant System Compressors shall be a hermetically sealed Inverter drive rotary type with external overload protection. Compressors shall be capable of modulating in capacity to match the building load required a reversing valve, energized for heating shall be used to reverse refrigerant flow. Refrigerant shall be R410A. Electronic Expansion Valves located in the Outdoor unit shall be used to control refrigerant flow.

Condensate Removal Shall be accomplished via the standard 22" length 11/16" OD Drain hose fitted to the indoor units. For ease of installation the condensate hose can be connected at both the LHS and RHS of the unit drain pan.

Fans The indoor unit fan shall be molded from Anti Bacterial HIPS, statically and dynamically balanced for quiet operation. Multiple fan speeds shall allow the user to select the required airflow. An auto swing louver with dual blades allows for the conditioned air to be directed further into the room for enhanced cooling and also down for improved heating function. The condenser fan shall be a propeller type with a dual speed motor.

Controls The unit shall be operated via a hand held wireless remote controller with a range of 20ft. The controls shall feature an auto changeover function from cooling to heating using the Outdoor temperature as a reference. Unit control is via a DDC control signal which shall require shielded 18AWG wire and a minimum of 2" separation from high voltage power wiring. Unit shall be capable of operating in cooling down to an ambient temperature of 14 DegF and in Heat Pump heating down to an ambient temperature of 5 DegF.

Air Filtration Air filters shall be treated with the Silver Nano protection to further enhance the IAQ features of the unit. Silver Nano treatment is applied to the surfaces of the air filter, removing 99.9% of dust particles and viruses As these Sliver Nano particles come into contact with germs and bacteria, the respiration of these viruses is prevented, stopping any cell multiplication and ultimately causing the individual cells to be killed.

 Specifications   AQV09JA   AQV12JA   AQV18JA   AQV24JA 
 Nom Cooling Capacity (Btu/h)   9,000   12,000   18,000   24,000 
 SEER   20.0   19.0   17.0   15.5 
 Cool Capacity Range (Btu/h)   3,100 to 11,900   3,100 to 14,300   5,500 to 21,000   6,500 to 27,000 
 Nom Heating Capacity (Btu/h)   11,950   13,600   20,500   27,000 
 HSPF   10.0   9.0   8.0   7.8 
 Heating COP   3.7   3.5   3.3   2.8 
 Heat Capacity Range (Btu/h)   3,100 to 16,500   3,100 to 17,500   5,100 to 26,000   5,800 to 33,000 
 Refrigerant Type   R410A   R410A   R410A   R410A 
 De-Hum (Pints/Hr)   5.6   7.6   10.2   14.4 
 Power Voltage   208/230V-1-60 
 Breaker Size   15A   15A   20A   25A 
 RLA Cooling/Heating (Amps)   3.0/4.4A   4.9/5.3A   7.5/8.2A   12.0/13.0A 
 Controls   Electronic with a Hand Held Remote Controller (20' Range) 
 Indoor Unit   AQV09JA   AQV12JA   AQV18JA   AQV24JA 
 Airflow-High Speed (CFM)   335   340   480   485 
 Fan Speeds   Turbo - High - Medium - Low - Quiet 
 Noise Level Low/High (Db)   25/41   25/43   33/48   33/48 
 Width (Inches)   32 1/2"   32 1/2"   42"   42" 
 Height (Inches)   11 1/4"   11 1/4"   11 3/4"   11 3/4" 
 Total Depth (Inches)   7 1/2"   7 1/2"   8 5/8"   8 5/8" 
 Weight (lbs)   18   18   28.6   28.6 
 Outdoor Unit   AQV09JAX   AQV12JAX   AQV18JAX   AQV24JAX 
 Outdoor Noise Level (Db)   51   53   58   60 
 Width (Inches)   28 3/8"   28 3/8"   34 5/8"   34 5/8" 
 Height (Inches)   21 5/8"   21 5/8"   25 1/8"   25 1/8" 
 Total Depth (Inches)   10 3/8"   10 3/8"   12 1/4"   12 1/4" 
 Weight (lbs)   74   74   101   110 
 Line Sets         
 Size   1/4" & 3/8"   1/4" & 3/8"   1/4" & 1/2"   1/4 & 5/8" 
 Max Line Set Length inc   50 ft   50 ft   98 ft   98 ft 
 Max Vertical Separation of    26ft   26ft   49ft   49ft 
 Charged with R410A for    50ft (31.7oz R410A)   50ft (31.7oz R410A)   25ft (51.1oz R410A)   25ft (51.1oz R411A) 
 Addl. R410A charge required   No addl. R410A rqd   No addl. R410A rqd   0.15oz/ft over 25ft   0.15oz/ft over 25ft 
 Safety   UL & ULC 
 Performance   ARI Certified - All performance shown is at ARI 210/240 conditions 
120 Days Limited Labor, 3 Years Parts and 5 Years Compressor


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